Dear Comrade,

There is some exciting news concerning our post. We have located what can be and with your help will be a permanent post home here in Banchang.

The Post Home Committee located a building two streets behind The Camel Pub & Restaurant, the site of our first post home. The new location would be a five minute walk to where the Camel was located.

It is a two story building with the ground floor set to be the meeting hall and the top floor would be the office for the Commander, the Service Officer, the post store, and storage area.  The building is large enough that the meeting hall could accommodate reasonably about 75 members for a meeting. Currently we are averaging over 40 members at our meetings so this is a very large and comfortable meeting room.

The price for this building is 2mm Thai Baht, which at today’s exchange rate is about $64,000. With your help we can purchase this building and it will be owned by The Banchang Utapao VFW Post 12146.

During the four years our post has been in existence, we have been forced to move three time due to change in ownership of the space we were using for our post home. It is likely we will have to move again in the near future.  It is expensive to move, it is time consuming, and disruptive to achieving the goals of our post.

Our mission is to foster camaraderie among United States veterans of overseas conflicts. To serve our veterans, the military and our communities, and to advocate on behalf of all veterans. 

We do this EVERY day; however continuing to relocate reduces our effectiveness and consistency within the community. 

We want to be in full control of our post home, not subject to the changing business conditions of our landlords past and present.

Purchasing and maintaining our own home will remove that problem and will allow us to spend 100% of our time performing our mission.

With your generous support we can ensure a permanent home for our post in a good location with a quality building that meets all our needs.

If each of our 200 + post members were to contribute an average of $250 (about 8,000 Thai Baht) along with some post funds we have already saved, and some additional contributions by local businesses we can reach our goal. 

I have discussed donations in U.S. Dollar format for those residing outside of Thailand. For members within Thailand a donation in Thai Baht would be appreciated. 

We will be recognizing five levels of contributors and all donors names will be prominently displayed on a plaque in the Post home in perpetuity.

Bronze Level: $100 - $499 (3200-16,000 Thai Baht)
Silver Level: $500 - $999 (32,000 Thai Baht)
Gold Level:   $1000 - $4999 (159,000 Thai Baht)
Platinum Level:    $5,000 - $9999 (318,000 Thai Baht)
Benefactor   $10,000 +

I call on all our members to donate to the best of your ability.

To effect a donation, you may transfer Thai Baht to our Post account at Bangkok Bank and for U.S. Dollar donations please transfer funds to our NFCU account.

Account Name:     VFW Post 12146
Account Number:   3101210908
Account Type:     Savings
Routing/Transit Number: 2560-7497-4 

Bangkok Bank, Banchang Branch
Account Name: Jack Farrell & Daniel Morgan
Account Number:  497-0-63279-2
Account Type:    Savings

It will be extremely helpful if you can advise us via email that you have made a donation to either NFCU or Bangkok Bank. 

Yours in comradeship, service to veterans, and with warmest best wishes,

Kenneth A. Stein

Fund raising chairman, Past Post Commander (2015 - 2018)
Junior Vice Commander, Department of Pacific Areas
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States
New Post Home