Social Security Benefits Questionnaire

SSA Philippines - 9/23/2019

As many of our members have had to change their addresses due to the closing of the APO the following may be important to some members.  It should be briefed at the next meeting and possibly added to the website.

This reply was received from SSA Manila concerning the annual letter we should receive that determines if our benefits are to continue or be cancelled.

Good day,

Social Security sends questionnaires every year to persons receiving benefits in Thailand Your answers will determine if you remain eligible for benefits.  The questionnaire is mailed from the U.S. in May or June.  A follow-up questionnaire is sent in September or October.  If the questionnaire is not received in the U.S. by the first week in January, your benefits will stop beginning with the February payment of the following year.

If you do not receive the form from the U.S. office by November, please print and complete the attached form SSA-7162.  Please send a scanned copy of the completed form SSA-7162 by email to to prevent suspension of your benefits in February of the following year.

Click Here for an Online version of this form as a PDF.